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What Is Rephlux?

Rephlux is a PHP based tool for running a continuous testing/build process on your project and taking action based on the outcome of your tests. It is inspired by the Java based CruiseControl[1]. It is free software, licensed under the GNU GPL (see the file COPYING for details).

Rephlux is aimed at distributed developments and developments within larger teams. It was built for use on the development of the Web Application Component Toolkit[2], a PHP project on SourceForge, with the aim of providing something more useful than the SourceForge nightly builds.

What Will It Do For Me?

Cut out some headaches and automate some repetitive jobs.

Rephlux should be run as a scheduled job during application development. On each run:

The major aim of the program is to regularly do something if all of your tests are passing.


It still needs a lot of work (see the TODO) - so please contact me if you can help out.

If any of the above are a problem for you stop reading now and check back in six months ;)

How Do I Run It?

See the file doc/RUNNING.REPHLUX

I Like The Idea, But Your Implementation Sucks...

Contact me <> if you can help out. See the TODO file. Help on other Source Code managers (especially Subversion) and Unit testing frameworks (PHPUnit) would be great.

Alternatively, CruiseControl[1] and DamageControl[5] (a Ruby implementation along similar lines) may suit your needs better.


To Harry Fuecks, Jeff Moore, Marcus Baker, Jason Sweat, and all at the Sitepoint Advanced PHP forums[6] and at the PHP London[7] meets.

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